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The Team

Massoud Adibpour

Founder & CSO
(Chief Smile Operator)

I love stepping outside my comfort zone and Make DC Smile has allowed me to do this on a daily basis. Seeing people happy within my community inspires me to push Make DC Smile in a direction that continues to promote positivity to everyone.

Bonnie Culpepper

Vice President

Being a part of this project helped me realize that making a difference and spreading positivity can be achieved in such simple, small ways. I love connecting with others and encouraging them to bring more meaning and joy to their daily lives. I can only hope our movement will continue to touch the lives of others as it has touched mine.

Individual Supporters

  • John Jacks

  • Mary Donahue

  • Lorie Shaull

  • Philippa PB Hughes

  • Sophia Pink

  • Christine Gillroy

  • Nick Velleman

  • Emma Klingenstein

  • Alexi Munoz

  • Ryland Chapman