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Share All the Love on Valentine’s Day

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By Clare Bennett

Every year, as Valentine’s Day approaches, I remember that a lot of people out there actually seem to
have negative feelings towards the holiday. Single people tend to feel perhaps…singled out, whereas
those in relationships might not appreciate the pressure of planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date.

While I can understand the frustrations surrounding Valentine’s Day, I whole-heartedly disagree with
any mindset that sees the day as a bad thing. Yes, Valentine’s Day arguably only exists to make Hallmark
money, and maybe the holiday shouldn’t carry any significance. However, if Valentine’s Day reminds us
to show the people in our lives that we care about them, then that is a holiday worth celebrating.

In fact, Hallmark itself recently released a heart-warming advertising campaign for Valentine’s Day
telling lovers to “Go Beyond I Love You.” So, #PutYourHeartToPaper, and take advantage of the
opportunity that Valentine’s Day presents to share all the love you have to give. Call your parents and
siblings, write letters to U.S. troops who are away from home, send small gifts to your friends, volunteer
at a local shelter, do something extra-thoughtful for your significant other, bake for your roommates or
neighborhood, and maybe even treat yourself a little, too!

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